This is Index, a digital (and soon-to-be physical) space built by a community of designers and developers.

Making Space

Index was founded on the idea that communities are made when people share common space. Rather than a vague, top-down notion of a “creative network,” we’re interested in making space for people to organize and define community for themselves.

    Index is the sequel space of XXXI. From 2015–2020, XXXI was a shared studio and a public event space for the design community at 411 E. 9th St.

Access to Tools

We believe that more people should have access to design and other creative disciplines. Creative culture should exist not for the sake of capitalism, but for the sake of itself — enduring as a true community because people sustain it together, providing support, tools and relationships.

Left: Íñigo Lopez Vasquez, designer-in-residence Spring 2019. Right: Ivy Chen using the space for a live screenprinting event. Index is the sequel space to XXXI, a mixed-use public studio in Manhattan.


Our courses are led by members of our community who specialize or are interested in technical skills or theoretical aspects* of graphic design and other creative mediums. Anyone can teach a course; many of our teachers are seasoned pros looking for a more informal teaching environment, but for some this is their first experience integrating teaching into their practice. We price our workshops to welcome, not exclude, newcomers. For each course, we offer one (or more) free, need-based scholarship.

*See also, The Buns Approach

Students in class
    Students at Thierry Blancpain's Intro to Type Design class, fall 2020.


We also offer books, magazines and other printed objects. Rather than pursuing a specific lens or focus in our collection, we represent a wide breadth of titles — old and new — and feature works made by friends and people we admire. Also, not all our offerings are art and design books; we highlight thoughtful contemporary works published outside the discipline as well. If there's a title you’d like to see on our shelves, please let us know.

    We model our collection after the public library, a place where you can find classics, new bestsellers and also little-known works published in obscurity.

Events & Misc. Good Times

In the past, we have hosted events such as: An exhibition where we waited for Joaquin Phoenix to walk by our studio; a series of Arts and Sciences discussions about autonomy, cybernetics and agency; an overview of the legal system as it pertains to graphic design; an exhibition of typography’s greatest sports moments; and a bunch of launches for typefaces, books, zines and parties just because it's a nice evening in the neighborhood.

Our virtual programming won't be quite so cramped, but will feature a similarly diverse range of events to bring us together around ideas and good times. We hope to reopen in physical space when it's safe to do so.

    Waiting for Joaquin to walk.
Left: Luiza and Elie installing vinyl for a book launch. Right: Jacob and Olivia making holiday cards.

Who we are

Index was made by Sanctuary Computer & XXIX and is directed by Elie Andersen. It exists as the sequal space of XXXI (“Thirty-One”), a shared studio and public space formerly on 9th Street in New York City for graphic designers (and others) to pursue non-commercial interests and drink beers on the stoop.