Getting It Printed

Mark Beach, Steve Shepro, Ken Russon
  • Getting It Printed
  • Getting It Printed
  • Getting It Printed
  • Getting It Printed

This book is for everyone who plans, designs or buys printing. The authors describe the business arrangements and technical procedures that professionals use to assure quality, stay on schedule, and control costs.

Chapters in Getting It Printed are conveniently arranged in the sequence in which printing jobs are produced, from planning through delivery. Individual chapters focus on topics such as typesetting, photographs, paper and ink, offset printing, and other printing methods. Technical illustrations explain concepts, processes, and equipment.

Step-by-step checklists help cut production time, judge typesetting, evaluate photographs, inspect mechanicals, review proofs, do press checks, and analyze invoices for payment. Numerous charts show sizes, weights, colors, finishes, relative costs, and suitable products for the seven grades of paper.

– Published in 1986
– Hardcover
– Excellent quality
– 236 pages
– 8.75 x 11.25