Digital Process Tint Guide

  • Digital Process Tint Guide
  • Digital Process Tint Guide
  • Digital Process Tint Guide
  • Digital Process Tint Guide

Designframe and The Hennegan Company have developed the Digital Process Tint Guide, along with instructional manual, as an informative, up-to-date color specification tool — a new standard in specifying process tint combinations.

As long as there has been process color printing, designers have specified tint combinations for their design elements. But regardless of how carefully a designer specifies these colors, the results sometimes fall short.

There is more than one way to create a color with process tint combinations. One method, utilizing principles of gray component replacement (GCR), consistently produces superior results. The Digital Process Color Tint Guide is the first coprehensive tool that puts this method into the hands of both designers and printers.

This guide is unique in presenting two-color plus black formulas as well as the traditional cyan, magenta and yellow formulas. The two-color plus black GCR-based formulas produce colors that will remain more stable on press. The fan deck format of the guide makes selection and comparison of colors easy.

The Digital Process Color Guide was produced using direct-to-plate technology. Direct-to-plate technology is rapidly replacing traditional photomechanical methods and offers considerable improvement in quality over film-based platemaking. The precision of direct-to-plate technology also opens up a new universe of refinement in specifying light range colors, which are thoroughly represented on one side of each of the four individual guides.

– Includes four color books
– Convenient storage case
– Designed and produced in 2000
– As far as we can tell, this is the only one of these that exists on the internet.