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Anna Bates & Elizabeth Glickfeld
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Dirty Furniture is an independent design magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with. The magazine’s goal is to take a lateral approach to writing about design; we are as interested in what happens after an item leaves the showroom as in that which saw it arrive there. Dirty Furniture is conceived as a finite series of six, each taking a piece of furniture as its theme. Instead of dismissing furniture as a topic fit only for glossy lifestyle publications, Dirty Furniture instead uses it as a springboard to explore topics spanning politics, history, technology, psychology, manufacturing…and the plain weird.

Issue 2: Table
Tobias Revell on work, Alexandra Lange on power, Jonathan P Watts on Ikea, Charmain Griffin on sex, Federico Campagna on philosophy, Tim Maughan on surgery, plus gambling dogs, earthquakes and fake wood.

Issue 3: Toilet
Alex Schweder on pissing, Debika Ray on India, Justin Clemens on jokes, Owen Hatherley on public loos, Natalie D Kane on nappies, Alice Twemlow on graphic design, plus fatbergs, shitting monarchs, and the poo emoji.

Issue 4: Closet
Alice Twemlow on Clutter, Jeremy Atherton Lin on coming out, Phillipa Snow on fashion, Rob Gallagher on avatars, Brian Dillon on time capsules, Clare Lyster on logistics, plus months, wire hangers, and the orgasmatron.