The Calligraphy Source Book

Miriam Stribley
  • The Calligraphy Source Book
  • The Calligraphy Source Book
  • The Calligraphy Source Book
  • The Calligraphy Source Book
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Containing 100 complete alphabets, together with many illuminated capitals and flourishes, this is a superb calligraphic reference.

The Calligraphy Source Book is the essential handbook for all calligraphers and illuminators who wish to practice their skills, perfect their execution and extend their range. Spanning more than 2,000 years of artistry, this book brings together 100 complete alphabets to ainstruct and inspired both the skilled and the aspiring calligrapher.

A brief introduction outlines the history of calligraphy, and, with examples of creative lettering, shows how to use calligraphy to enliven text. Small-scale alphabets appear in this introdyuctory section of the book to provide quick visual reference.

The carefully selected alphabets, some of which have been specially commissioned, comprise the main section of the book. Many letterforms are accompanied by notes indicating how they are crafted or written, and are reproduced full-size to allow direct copying.

– Hardcover
– Published by Running Press, 1986
– 160 pages
– 9 x 9 inches